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"I just feel..I don't deserve to live a good life because ever since I was a kid I haven't had a good life, so I got used to not having one," Brandi said.   Creating an environment in which women of The Mother-Child Reunification House program learn to express feelings in a constructive manner is paramount to successful transition.  In addition to traditional individual therapy, group sessions geared towards parenting allow a safe place to process new and old emotions.  Situations seemingly  effortless, like playing with Patience, bring a groundswell of conflicting emotions and memories, but within the safety of the program Brandi can move through internal conflict and embrace the joy and love she has for her infant daughter.  "One day I'll be comfortable being here, having my daughter, then I'll realize I do deserve this. It takes a lot to get out of that frame of mind from childhood that I been stuck in for all that  long, to having to change everything.  That's the hard part...change."
Parent and child bonding class