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"Knowing that DCYF is no longer going to be involved, that sort of gives me that sense of accomplishment.  I've actually proven to myself and everyone that I can take care of her," Brandi said, as she and  Patience leave the court after the graduation ceremony marking her successful completion of Family Treatment Drug Court program giving her permanent custody.  And just as significant, at 32-years old, Brandi is free finally of DCYF, ending decades of state intervention in her life: first as a child removed from her home, and later, when as an adult mother her six children, beginning with the first child at 18,  were taken by the DCYF due to her habitual homelessness and drug use.  "So I basically, like, achieved the ultimate in my eyes.  Now I know I can do it and that I can provide for her and everything like that, give her everything she needs."
Custody gained