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"I had seen her (the Judge) and she was telling me how proud of me she was and all this really good positive feedback, and when I left the courtroom, I cried."  Brandi is given good news in Family Treatment Drug Court.  The judge is pleased with her progress and has decided to set a graduation date for Brandi's Drug Court program.  With this news, she is now set to receive custody of her infant daughter, Patience and have DCYF out of her life. "I'm done, well.  I'm done.  I'm excited.  I'm glad.  I'm relieved.  Feels great to actually, finally get them out of my life after so long.  Long, long, time...21 years," Brandi said.  She has been subject to State intervention for almost 2/3 of her life: first as a child taken from her home and then as a parent who had her six children taken away.  "I can't believe it's actually done," she said.