Mae Gammino Photography

About Mae Gammino Photography


Mae is a visual journalist and documentary photographer, and a member of the National Press Photographers Association. She has created storytelling images and videos for organizations in New England and has worked for media companies throughout the United States. Her work has been in publications including Ozy Media (the launch issue) a global daily digital magazine, The Boston Globe, The Hollywood Reporter, International Business Times and UNESCO. She has done visuals production at Sundance Film Festival and Provincetown International Film Festival. In addition, she has documented humanitarian aid work in Indonesia for DC-based Project Hope. She was a National Press Photographer Northern Short Course Scholarship recipient, and a selectee for the Northern Short Course Workshop-The narrative art of long-form photojournalism-Intermediate group with former Los Angeles Times Photojournalist and Pulitzer-Prize winner Barbara Davidson. 

Prior to entering 
the visuals field, she owned a successful manufacturing company whose primary client was the U.S. Navy. 

The award-winning short, Blending into the American Dreamwhich she co-directed, has been juried into numerous U.S. and International film FestivalsShe is currently collaborating on the film Littlest Refuge, a documentary about two refugees who start NGO's in repsonse to their resetllement experinces in the U.S., sponsored by the International Documentry Association in Los Angeles, California.

She is available for work in New England as well as throughout the United States.